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Stefan Schwartz

Director, Producer, Writer.
The Boys, Walking Dead, Luther

Idris Elba

Actor, Producer, Director, Writer.
Beasts of No Nation,Thor, Luther

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Stefan Schwartz and Idris Elba, a likely duo. The two of them have Luther in common and ... dyslexia. They both freely admit that reading scripts is a necessary chore, which is why they collaborated on developing Talking Scripts, an app for hearing scripts read out loud. But it turns out it is not just for dyslexics.

Stefan explains,

As a freelance director I often get sent a pile of scripts to read by the end of the week which, as you’ll know if you work in this industry, is very time-consuming. 

My dream for years was that I would be able to use the time while I was commuting to the production office, sitting on a plane or exercising (which wasn’t often) to listen to scripts. If an app could read them to me automatically, I could get through my pile of scripts without eating into my quality time at home with family and friends. Talking Scripts was born out of that dream. 

Idris says,

I have a tough time reading scripts and have sat in too many traffic jams listening to scripts with Voice Over.  It was a painful experience - hearing the watermarks, page numbers and headers being read on every page, with only one voice. I was desperate for an app that could read me scripts in a simple easy way, dumping all the stuff I didn’t need to hear and getting me into the story. 

Talking Scripts

Developed on









Quickstart Tutorial - Talking Scripts
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Line Learning Tutorial - Talking Scripts
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Talking Scripts - tutorial for downloading new voices.
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Talking Scripts - Introduction to Switching Character Gender.
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Guide to IOS voices

This is a little ratings table that shows our personal opinion of the IOS voices you can find on your iPhone. It is not scientific, just compiled from our thoughts as we listen to scripts. It is a great resource when you are first setting up the app with voices and are not sure which ones to download. Check out the video on "downloading voices"  if you are not sure how to do it.   You may not have all these voices, but you can see the voices available to you at:

iOS 13 or above

Settings>Accessibility>Spoken Content>Voices>English


IOS 12 and below

Settings>General>Accessibility>Spoken Content>Voices>English


If you have any additional favourite voices, please tell others in the blog.

voice table complete.jpg

Download the IOS App

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